1. Anti-Stress-Program with CELL IQ ® Genistein

2. Anti-Wrinkle-Program with CELL IQ ® Matrix Prevent

3. Anti-Aging-Program with CELL IQ ® Caviar

4. Age-Protect-Program with mit CELL IQ ® Stem Cells

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Step 1 skin building therapy CELL IQ® GENISTEIN

Perfect cell protection thanks to a healthy balance between free radicals and the body’s own antioxidants

If the skin looks flabby, pale, irritated and shows premature signs of aging, it usually suffers from oxidative stress caused by an excess of free radicals.

That is why in the first step of the skin-building program, free radicals are made harmless with a 6-fold antioxidant complex and the skin’s own repair processes are started. The high-dose genistein forms the most reliable foundation for skin build-up. The super radical scavenger and cell repairer, who comes from medical cancer research, has a broad spectrum of activity and achieves extensive success. With the help of this power formulation, damaged cells can recover quickly and the entire immune system is strengthened so that the skin looks fresh and vital.

Main active ingredient: genistein

  • reduces free radicals
  • supports the build-up of the skin’s own antioxidants
  • stops the loss of energy in the cells
  • builds up the skin’s own immune and UV defense system
  • protects against light aging
  • repairs light-damaged cells
  • works against inflammation, which is responsible for early skin aging


Tight and elastic skin due to the build-up of collagen and elastin

Collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and water are crucial for a firm, healthy skin matrix. Level two therefore serves to rebuild the connective tissue and to balance the water in the skin. Because only when the skin is adequately moisturized can the nutrients that are supplied to the skin in the third skin building step be optimally distributed and reach their place of action.

The exclusive MATRIX PREVENT formula based on the protected active ingredient AminoProSyn 3 supports almost all biological processes in the skin and brings about a natural restructuring from the inside. The intelligent mixture of innovative peptide chains ensures optimal moisture distribution and targeted collagen build-up. Water plumps up the skin from the inside so that it regains its plump, firm structure and elasticity, transports toxins out of the cells and transports all the vital nutrients into it. The supporting collagen fibers give the skin structure and firmness and elasticity. It gains more elasticity and appears much more youthful and radiant.

Main active ingredient: AminoProSyn 3

  • Tissue degradation processes are stopped.
  • The skin’s own collagen synthesis is activated.
  • The skin’s moisture balance is balanced.
  • The collagen and elastin fibers are protected from drying out and saccharification.
  • Tired skin stem cells are strengthened.
  • The cells renew themselves much faster.
  • The aging process is systematically counteracted.


Highly effective caviar extract increases cell energy - the key to vital, young skin

After the skin has been optimally prepared, it can now implement regeneration incentives perfectly. The third step thus serves to increase cell energy through the high-dose supply of nutrients that are necessary for vital cell division and healthy skin function. For this, CELL IQ® relies on caviar as a natural, powerful powerhouse.

The roe of the sturgeon contains a complete package of all the nutrients that the cells need for their diverse regeneration processes. Caviar thus offers the skin a compact range of micronutrients, which it can use as needed or at a later date to increase its energy level. The number, lifespan and activity of the cells increase, so that a natural rejuvenation process is initiated. At the same time, the caviar active ingredients provide effective protection against all environmental influences, fill up the nutrient deposits and send signals to the cells to regenerate. The number and lifespan of the active cells increase. The skin can perform all of its natural vitalization mechanisms again in full, the prematurely aged skin is returned naturally to its biological age. Wrinkles disappear, the tissue is firm, the complexion is fresh and even.

Main active ingredient: CAVIAR

  • is rich in essential cell vital substances
  • compensates for nutrient deficits in the skin
  • deposits nutrient reserves for later use
  • gives the cells new energy
  • mobilizes natural regeneration processes
  • supports the skin structure thanks to phospholipids
  • has a skin rejuvenating effect


The Age Protect program for sustainable skin renewal
Preventive anti-aging management

The aim of orthomolecular skin-building therapy is to preserve the healthy functions of the skin in order to prevent degenerative changes and to achieve lasting beauty results. Therefore, the fourth step is to keep the results of the previous treatment stages long-term and to prevent signs of aging.

The most effective way to do this is by strengthening the skin stem cells, because they are of crucial importance for numerous important revitalization processes. That is why they have the full potential for skin rejuvenation. However, they are very susceptible to DNA damage caused by UV light, which is why the skin stem cells cease to function with increasing age. Plant stem cell extracts support the work of human skin stem cells.

Therefore, in the final fourth step, the processes of constant skin renewal are optimized with the help of a stem cell cure. Plant stem cell extracts from the grape and argan tree are used. They are able to protect, prolong and activate the life of human skin stem cells in both the dermis and epidermis. In this way, the skin’s own rejuvenation mechanisms are dynamized.

Main active ingredient: Plant stem cell extracts Age-Protect-Impulse for comprehensive prevention of signs of aging

Purest bio-tech quality: vegetable stem cell extracts from grapes and the argan tree

The double active ingredient complex of grape and argan tree stem cells revitalizes the skin stem cells in the long term and strengthens and vital all skin functions. The skin’s own rejuvenation mechanisms, constant skin renewal and tissue tightening are stimulated directly in the cells. UV-related skin aging is prevented. The skin is rejuvenated from the dermis and protected right down to the epidermis. The unmistakable result is a vitalized, smooth and youthfully fresh skin.