1. Anti-Stress-Program with CELL IQ ® Genistein

2. Anti-Wrinkle-Program with CELL IQ ® Matrix Prevent

3. Anti-Aging-Program with CELL IQ ® Caviar

4. Age-Protect-Program with mit CELL IQ ® Stem Cells

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Binella of Switzerland – orthomoleculare Cosmetology

In 1950, the Ciba Geigy medical-pharmaceutical laboratory founded the Swiss cosmetics brand "BINELLA of Switzerland".

Since then, an experienced team of BINELLA experts has concentrated on researching the skin’s own metabolic processes in connection with the application of high doses of skin-identical nutrient substances.

BINELLA of Switzerland’s motto of "the right active ingredient - at the right moment - in the right concentration!" sets the course for unbeatable, individual therapy and combines it with a wealth of medical and cosmetic know-how.

To this day, BINELLA of Switzerland is not only focused on the most up-to-date insights in the field of medical research, but is also characterized by its innovative, high-tech production procedures and thus sets new milestones in the medical, cosmetic and causal treatment of anti-aging of the skin.

Thus, in 1999 an experienced BINELLA research team managed to make the cell repairing active ingredient GENISTEIN (derived from cancer research) bio-logically available for the skin. This made it possible for the first time ever to build up the skin systematically, repair cell damage and stop the causes of unspecific quick skin aging processes. Today, the BINELLA research team is certain: The premature skin aging process is a complex procedure that requires a cellular influence on all the relevant skin layers using systematic skin and cell regeneration. Thanks to proven medical and cosmetic properties, the cellular BINELLA skin regeneration and repair concept provides a quickly visible and perceptible improvement of the skin’s structure in terms of orthomolecular cosmetology.

All Binella of Switzerland products were awarded the "ingredients very good" rating by the Foundation for the Promotion of Skin Health.

One of the absolute highlights at Binella of Switzerland are the 24 orthomolecular essences. This can be used to mix very personal, individual serum. Your skin always gets the right nutrient dosage at the right time.