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OxyGlow - The Oxygen Treatment

Inspired by healing thermal springs, this technology stimulates the body’s own oxygen supply to the skin, which locally stimulates blood circulation and thus increases collagen and elastin. In addition, cell activity is boosted by the increased oxygen supply, accelerating skin regeneration. For this purpose, CO2 is released into the skin, diffuses into the tissue and forms bicarbonate there, which changes the pH value. The lower pH value increases the oxygen absorption capacity of the adjacent cells and the blood. This process is described in medicine as the Bohr effect. The gel used during the treatment dissolves the top layer of dead skin cells and facilitates the introduction of the carbon dioxide. Thanks to the exfoliating effect, the complexion looks refreshed and pores visibly smaller.

The unique combination of technologies improves skin structure, especially for acne, scars and pigmentation spots.

The result is a radiant glow effect!

In combination with radiofrequency, we achieve fantastic results for firmer, smoother skin.

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