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> Regulatpro® Hyaluron – The Anti Aging Beauty Drink

Regulatpro® Hyaluron

Since its incorporation in 1939, Dr. Niedermaier Pharma GmbH has been setting innovative standards for Millions of people with health problems.

Continuous research and technical innovations have turned it into a global market leader in fermented food supplements.

Its REGULATESSENZ® product, manufactured with the patented manufacturing procedure of cascade fermentation, is helping individuals in more than 50 countries across the globe to maintain their health and beauty.

The excellent anti-aging effects of REGULATESSENZ®, combined with vegan hyaluronic acid, has given Dr. Niedermaier a revolutionary product in the Beauty market with a never-before seen impact!


Hyaluronic acid enters the skin directly from the inside and holds moisture like a sponge and is the reason why young skin appears to be padded. Vitamin C contributes to the normal collagen formation for normal skin function.


Biotin and zinc contribute to maintaining normal hair. Copper contributes to normal hair pigmentation.


Silica and zinc contribute to the preservation of normal nails.

Connective Tissue

Hyaluronic acid, copper and Vitamin contribute to the preservation of normal connective tissue.

5 Stars clinically tested

5 Stars clinically tested
  • Vegan – without chemistry and animal testing
  • Hypoallergenic – also suitable for individuals with allergies
  • No side effects or interactions
  • Express results via the carrier effect of REGULATESSENZ®
  • With ingredients that protect cells against oxidative stress, which promotes the aging process!