THE POWER DUO IN SKIN CARE! The MBK anti-blemish cream and the MBK zinc repair cream!

anti-blemish cream

Oily and blemished skin is not only a problem for adolescents during puberty - up to 35% of all adults also suffer from blemished and acne-prone skin.

The combination of anti-blemish cream and zinc repair cream from Method Brigitte Kettner form a strong team to completely remove impurities and problem skin from the skin. First, you effectively counteract excessive bacterial and sebum production in order to then achieve a balancing effect on sebum production.

Get there faster and get a better result in your problem skin treatment at home.

With the purchase of an Anti-Blemish Cream 50ML you get a Zinc Repair Cream in the special size 10ML for free.

The regenerating and nourishing special zinc repair cream can also be used as an SOS mask because it supports the natural self-healing functions of the skin.

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