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Colour consultation
75 min. (including colour palette booklet) CHF 220.00

Colour consultation - colour type - colour palette

Would you like to find out which colour type you are and which colour best suits your personality?
My colour consultation will assist you in discovering your personal colour type. You will be surprised at how much more attractive and beautiful you feel and look, when wearing suitable colours. You will be provided with your personal colour palette booklet which you can take along on your next shopping experience, to ensure that you purchase clothing in the colours that best suit you. I would be delighted to help you discover the colours which boost your confidence and looks.

  • Which colour best suits me?
  • Am I a spring-type or an autumn-type?
  • Or perhaps winter or summer colours are a better option for you?

My colour consulation will help you!

90 min. (including documentation) CHF 280.00

Style analysis – style consultation – clothing styles

  • You value a well-groomed appearance?
  • Image and style are important aspects of your profession?
  • You need a new outfit?

With the aid of my style consultation, we will discover valuable knowledge about your personal style.

You will learn how to highlight your own positive qualities, with the fitting style to bring out your confidence.

Your next performance will be a success.

Discover harmony in colour and style!

75 Min. CHF 150.00

Ensure that you are making the best out of your type – an individual consultation including documentation.

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