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> Facials using Methode Brigitte Kettner

In our daily lives our faces often reflect our state of mind and well-being, and in the same way, thanks to Homeopathy applied in the field of cosmetics, we can also recognise the actual underlying causes of dermatological problems. Identifying what actually needs to be treated, besides the skin, in order to achieve a long term release from blockages and bring the entire body into balance, is what matters most.

The key to your success can be determined on the basis of a personal DIATHESIS.

45 min. CHF 70.00

Based on an individual’s constitution, morphology, character and temperament a special diathesis classification is determined.

Clients are holistically assessed, taking into account their present psychological and physical state, thereby ensuring an ideal, targeted treatment.

Diathesis is an important „working tool“ for me as a beautician and provides the basis for specifically dealing with deficiencies and blockages in the body, using treatments and product formulations.

Tailor-made Treatments

Just as every person is unique, so are the needs for a personal treatment. Let us work together to create a facial treatment that is just right for you. We will charged according to the amount of time you have booked.

Individual Treatment Offer

Always includes cleansing, peeling & active ingredient ampoule / serum

High Tech Methods:

  • HydraGlow - Deep cleansing
  • Radiofrequency - Build up of collagen and elastin
  • Ultrasound - Skin permeability and skin tightening
  • OxyGlow - Oxygen treatment against pigment spots
  • Bio-lifting - Muscle stimulation for sagging tissue
  • Mesotherapy - Active ingredients are infiltrated deep into the cell
  • LED Light Therapy - Anti-aging, acne or pigment spots
  • Air Brush Gun - Makes the skin radiant


  • Classic
  • Décolleté or lymphatic drainage


  • Masks
  • Eyelashes & brows tinting
  • face waxing
  • plucking brows
The following treatment times can be booked
1h 15 min. CHF 180.00
1h 30 min. CHF 210.00
1h 45 min. CHF 245.00
2h CHF 280.00

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