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Electro-Mesoporation is a leading innovation in the field of aesthetic cosmetics.

Applying the electromagnetic principle of electroporation, this treatment allows the skin to significantly improve its absorption of active ingredients.

Meso Skin Control ™ makes the effective and painless treatment of aesthetic problems possible, right at the place where they develop.

This treatment is non-invasive and painless and allows large amounts of powerful anti-ageing active ingredient combinations such as amino acids, pentapeptides, ceramides and nutrient rich complexes to penetrate the skin.

  • For rejuvenation of facial skin (anti-ageing)
  • Support for skin firming and wrinkle treatments
  • Targeted application for tissue firming (skin and muscle tissues)
  • Treatment of striae (stretch marks)
  • Local fat reduction, e.g. double chin
  • Support for cellulite treatments
90 min. CHF 210.00
120 min. CHF 280.00

Gentle and firming treatment applied at the first signs of premature ageing, or to tired and slackening skin, using highly effective active ingredients.

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