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> The Brigitte Kettner Concept

„It is only when I view people as a whole, put myself in their position and shift my focus to them as individuals that I am able to achieve really convincing results.“

Brigitte Kettner has been communicating this prinicple in her training institutes around the world since 1969, with the aim of equipping every beautician with the right tools to achieve visible results.

Women and men of every age will find their personal care line here. Selected contents activate and strengthen the skin, making it more resistant. Even if you have hypersenitive skin prone to reddening and allergic reactions, you will find your individual problem solver here.

Methode Brigitte Kettner also makes use of homeopathic ideas as a way of understanding the root causes of (skin)problems and specifically treating them.

Holistic - natural - and as individual as your are!

No testing on animals

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